Kota Yamaji
Tokyo, JAPAN

Kota Yamaji is a digital graphic artist from Tokyo, Japan, who composes with different objects and characters using strong colors and repeating patterns that create linear structures and ergonomic spaces.
These vibrant artworks from Kota Yamaji below are featured on sublimation-printing Aluminum Disks Prints - starting at $99 

Elisabeth Fredriksson

" I'm color addicted and nature-loving artist from Sweden. Art, in some form or another, has always been a part of my life. I grew up with my mother’s oil paintings on the walls, those had a great impact on me. When I create I can get inspired from everything between a grain of sand to the universe at large. " | 450gsm premium Canvas Prints - starting at $49

Jason Ratliff
Indianapolis, UNITED STATES

A child's imagination can be as boundless as a superhero leaping from rooftop to rooftop. Graphic artist Jason Ratliff brings that imagination to life in his latest series, Super Shadows, a follow-up to his series, Walking Shadows, which illustrated various peoples', animals' and objects' shadows in an abstract way. | Aluminum Die-Cut Prints - starting at $99

Butcher Billy
Curitiba, BRAZIL

Butcher Billy has changed the norm of comic books; he’s given life to a more daring, more sarcastic group superheroes and villains whose roles and personalities are notches above those of your favorite traditional comic stars. Batman falls in love and lights up a cigarette. Wonder woman goes to rehab, and so on... | .045" thick Aluminum Prints - starting at $59